Introducing : Stackerdecks

Stackerdecks is a tool to build embeddable slideshows from content found anywhere on social media or the web.

Made from things people want to see
Facebook Wall Posts, Tweets, Videos from Vimeo and YouTube, content from Instagram and Tumblr, songs from Soundcloud, memes, animated GIFs, blog posts, product pages, and more.

Easy to use
Built with a simple press of our Stackit browser button and published to any website by pasting one line of code.

Benefits Ad-Supported Websites
More page views equal increased revenue.

Benefits Marketers
A more effective way to distribute messaging, grow social followings, and sell more products.

Who uses Stackerdecks?

Stackerdecks for Websites help ad-supported publishers maximize revenue per visitor. Because each press of previous and next counts as a page viewed and calls new display ads, publishers realize an immediate revenue boost when adding Stackerdecks slideshows to their sites.

Stackerdecks for Influencers help those with significant followings on social channels like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter make more money.  We share in advertising revenue from traffic sent to slideshows delivered on

Stackerdecks for Brands is a solution for marketers looking for measurable improvement to visitor engagement. Since Stackerdecks are embeddable, slideshows created by brands are also a natural fit for sponsored/paid posts.

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