Stackerdecks is a tool to create slideshows from content found anywhere on social media and other webpages.

Many social media posts are embeddable and we’ve made it dead simple to make slideshows from that content. We also have built-in support for adding blog posts, product pages, reviews, maps, animated GIFs, and much more.

The days of boring image-only slideshows are over.

Stackerdecks slideshows are built with our browser extension for Google Chrome.

Since we directly support Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube, Soundcloud, (and, nearly anywhere else you would find embed code) simply visit any of those sites and press the “Stackit” button.

We first scan the page for all available posts.  From the results, we return you can then select one, many, or even all the content Stackerdecks has found.

You can then add titles, descriptions, cover images, change the order, add contributors, make it an ordered list, and much more.

Once you’re happy with what you’ve built, make it public and either share it with your friends or publish it to your own website.

You can make great money using Stackerdecks.

When an approved ad-supported website embeds any Stackerdecks-formatted slideshow to their page, each press of previous or next counts a page view in their analytics software and calls a new set of ads from their ad servers.

This can mean an exponential improvement to the amount of money a website makes.

We also have a program for influencers with large social followings to make money by promoting any post found on our publishing platform,

We share in the advertising revenue generated by visitors sent to

Influencers and can share their own Stackerdecks slideshows or promote any of the over 15000 currently on

Even if you don’t have a website, or aren’t a huge influencer, making and sharing Stackerdecks slideshows is really fun. We’re in the midst of building something special and we’d love to have you part of our community.

We’d like you to be in the 10k+ range, measured either by unique visitors to your web site, or as an aggregated following on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube. We don’t say this to discourage anyone, but because display ads are sold for far less money than you’d think, the last thing we want is for anyone to be disappointed.

With that said, all Stackerdecks accounts are eligible for revenue sharing beginning at $100 in net earnings.


We payout earnings in excess of $100 monthly on NET 60 terms.  This provides us time to validate traffic quality and collect money from advertisers.

For those unfamiliar, as an example, money earned in January would be paid in April, February in May, and so on…

You can be paid either through PayPal or ACH. Please note that ACH is available to US-based accounts only.

Yes. We have years and years of experience doing this and would be happy to discuss this with you.

This is the most easy and pain-free part of the process.

If you’re using Google DFP to serve ads and you’ve been approved for Stackerdecks for Publishers, do nothing. We’ve already whitelisted your domain in our database.

If you’re using another ad server simply wrap your ad tag in this div


To see reporting in your Google Analytics, Comscore, or Quantcast console, wrap your analytics code with the same div.

From there, add Stackerdecks to your posts by copying and pasting the embed code to the body of your posts (just like any other embed code) or, if you’re using WordPress, use our plugin.

If you need help, please reach out. We’re happy to walk you through it.

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