Why would I use Stackerdecks?

September 13th, 2016

You can make great money using Stackerdecks.

When an approved ad-supported website embeds any Stackerdecks-formatted slideshow to their page, each press of previous or next counts a page view in their analytics software and calls a new set of ads from their ad servers.

This can mean an exponential improvement to the amount of money a website makes.

We also have a program for influencers with large social followings to make money by promoting any post found on our publishing platform, Stackerdecks.com.

We share in the advertising revenue generated by visitors sent to Stackerdecks.com.

Influencers and can share their own Stackerdecks slideshows or promote any of the over 15000 currently on Stackerdecks.com.

Even if you don’t have a website, or aren’t a huge influencer, making and sharing Stackerdecks slideshows is really fun. We’re in the midst of building something special and we’d love to have you part of our community.