New: Embedding Stackerdecks Galleries on your site

Stackerdecks galleries, whether you found them or on a site like, are ALL embeddable on your site.

Simply paste the embed code (as shown above) into your article as you would do it with any other embed code.

A few very important things to understand:

  • Stackerdecks calls new ads on clicks of previous/next and can count those actions as pages viewed in GA, Quantcast, Comscore, and other analytics suites.
  • For those that use DFP/Google Ad Manager, ad refreshes happen automatically.
  • If you are using another ad server, wrap your tag in a div that calls our class.
    <div class=”stackermedia> your ad code goes here </div>
  • VERY IMPORTANT: Analytics pixels will not refresh without adding our class.
    <div class=”stackermedia> your analytics code </div>
  • For the first 500k pages views you generate Stackerdecks is ad-free.  After that, we ask for a more formal arrangement. Because we send an ad with each slide, we also need you to add our “ads.txt” partner list to your “ads.txt” file.
  • Ours can be found here
  • Simply copy and paste the contents to the end of your file

Again, once you reach this limit, we’ll make contact.

That’s it.

Check on daily for new content.