New: Embedding Stackerdecks Galleries on your site

October 31st, 2019

Stackerdecks galleries, whether whether you found them or on a site like, are ALL embeddable on your site.

Simply paste the embed code (as shown above) into your article as you would do it with any other embed code.

A few very important things to understand…

  • Each time someone presses previous or next it CAN count as a page view AND call a new set of ads from YOUR ad server.
  • This does not happen automatically. We have to approve and activate your site on our end.
  • Because we sent an ad with each card, we need you to add our “ads.txt” partner list to your “ads.txt” file.
  • Ours can be found here
  • Simply copy and paste the contents to the end of your file
  • For you to see each interaction as a page view, you need to “wrap” your tracking code (Google Analytics, Comcast, Quantcast, etc…) in our class. If you don’t know what that means, please ask your “webmaster”.  If you do, please use: <div class = "stackermedia">your code</div>

Once you have done this, please send us a message letting us know.

That’s it.

Check on daily for new content.