An effortless and stress-free way to recover lost revenue and lower CPMs

It is estimated that Facebook and Google will see more than $44 billion in worldwide revenue evaporate in 2020 as ad spending falls off a cliff amid the COVID-19 pandemic.
We’re reaching out today with the hope we can help recover some of the lost revenue from this massive decrease in advertiser demand.
If you’re hearing from us for the first time, Stackerdecks is a slideshow format we created to deliver embeddable galleries made from social posts. 
Since you already embed social content like tweets, Instagram content or YouTube videos directly to your posts, the value of embedding slideshows made from this content should quickly make sense.
Our value proposition is simple. Add Stackerdecks galleries to your posts and you will see an immediate lift in engagement, measured by time on site, page views, and revenue opportunities per visit.
Every press of previous/next automatically calls back to your DFP for a new set of ads – which makes using our galleries an effortless, stress-free way to recover from lost revenue and lower CPMs by selling more display ads.
And, today, we’re making all of our nearly 17,000 Stackerdecks galleries available to use embed to your posts, free of charge.
No commitment or sign-up required. 
We’re also making your first 500k page views each month ad-free.
Some of our more popular examples curate trending memes, show-off rare sneakers, provide a look inside celebrity-owned homes, and capture user sentiment on breaking news. 
Check out a few highlights below:
Begin by visiting
  1. Select any Stackerdecks gallery to embed
  2. Copy and paste the embed code to your article
  3. Share the article with your audience
It is that simple. All upside, nothing to lose.
  • If you use DFP/GAM to deliver ads, posts that include Stackerdecks will automatically call new ads only on clicks of previous/next.
  • If you are using another ad server, you will need to wrap your tag in a div that calls our class.
  • This also applies to all analytics pixels, including GA, Quantcast, and others.
<div class=”stackermedia”> your ad code/analytics code here </div>
Questions? Please visit our support portal at
or, send us an email at
Thank you for your time, and please stay safe.