Getting Started with Stackerdecks

Getting started with Stackerdecks is easy,
but you’ll first need an account and our free browser extension.


1.  Sign-up
Use either your Facebook or Twitter account.

Tip: You can also use your email address
Just hit the door icon in the upper right hand corner of the screen, press the email icon, and then select “sign-up”.


2.  Setup your Profile
Click the pencil icon to add a profile picture, cover image, or edit your profile information.

Tip: This is home.
Along the way, we seem to have also built our own social platform. 🙂 While we strongly encourage you to publish the slideshows you build on your own site, they will also live on Turns out it is a great place for you to make friends with other contributors and find other great slideshow to share with your followers and subscribers.


3.  Install the “Stackit Button”
Stackerdecks are built with our free extension (Chrome and Safari) or bookmarklet.


Note: The Extension for Safari is temporarily unavailable.

Tip: No Chrome or Safari? No problem.
For users of IE, Firefox, or Opera, simply drag and drop the bookmarklet from our getting started page to your browser’s bookmark bar.