Building Embedded Collections

You can also curate collections of Stackerdecks slideshows. Those collections are also embeddable. If you were impressed with our slideshows, wait until you see this.


1.  Add to Collection
Curate collections from your own slideshows or choose from the over 5000 available on

Tip: Ordering
Slideshow are displayed in your collection in the order they were added. Last in, first up.


2.  Add Avatar and Cover Image
Use the pencil icon to upload and edit your avatar and cover images. Much like your profile, you can add a description.

Tip: Titles and descriptions are important!!!
The title and description of a collection is what will display on the embeddable collection cover card.


3.  Select Embed Type
We’ve built out four different ways to display the collections you’ll embed on your site.

Tip: Embedded Collections can run on ALL pages on your site.
Adding the embed code to a page template on your CMS will allow you to display them on all of your articles.

Here’s an example of a live Stackerdecks Embedded Collection (Go ahead, click on the cover or any of the tiles)